SPM External Cafe

St Peter’s welcomes you. We are an Episcopal (Anglican) church honouring our past, prefering God's future and relaxed about how we do life together. 

If we have a ‘vision’ it's to strengthen ourselves in order to do more for God, because he’s done everything for us! We want to do this because we believe that God is not finished with us yet. He always has more for everyone!

St Peter’s really believes we can all change, that we can have access to an abundant life, because of what has been done for us. We have so many stories of the different ways this has happened to people here. You can discover what this life is too.

Come and hear the stories that can bring our children, our young people and ourselves, to a deeper understanding of what ‘authentic, abundant life’ is really all about. Come and make friends with great friends at St Peter’s. You will be made very welcome and it will be life changing! 

If you'd like to make contact please email: officestpetersmusselburgh@gmail.com