Our vision.

We want to bring people and God together.

So we want to be better at loving God, loving each other and helping each other do that better (at making disciples). That's it!

We are called to be whole life disciples (people of live their whole lives as if Jesus is beside them), sharing the whole of the gospel, with the whole of society, through churches of grace.

As human beings we were created to live in relationship to God, and each other. As a church, we exist to help that happen. We want people to discover the truth about the person of Jesus, and to grow in that relationship – and their relationships with other people. Everything we do as a church – for children, young people, families and older folk – is designed to help everyone grow in those relationships.

That is why we get together on Sundays at 10:30am. Meetings are hallmarked with exuberant praise, intimate worship and inspiring preaching. That is why we meet up midweek in our small groups.

Come and join us!