Small Groups

Risky Community

Our relational small groups, are the engine house of St Peter's, where what we believe can be discussed and developed, where life can be shared and supported, and where we best take action together, demonstrating faith to others.

We don't grow as deep or as fast in isolation. We are made to be in relationships. Obvious really, but too many of us don't get it. We all have a default position to drift, and we drift quickest alone!

So we are working hard to get these small groups right. In community we find out who we are and how far we have to go to fully live, abundantly, as God wants us to.

This is what God wants from be a 7 days a week community. So we meet up weekly or fortnightly in small groups. In these gatherings we:
  • Socialise and listen to each other
  • Study a Bible topic together                             
  • Encourage things we're good at
  • Look outside ourselves to see where we can make a difference

Small groups are central to life at St Peter's and although they aren't mandatory, it's where we take off in our life in Christ. We are building a new network of leaders and groups, so contact the Leadership in the first instance, as you decide to get involved in the core of abundant life at St Peter's.

St Peter's leaders are:

Andy Reid:
Alastair McKenzie:
Tina McKinnon:
Raymond McGill:

If you have any other questions about small groups please get in touch with us by using the form on our Contact Us page.