Our History

St Peter's Church

People in Musselburgh have been meeting under the banner of the Scottish Episcopal Church since the late 1600s. 

Episcopal means under the leadership of a Bishop. Scotland is divided geographically into 7 dioceses, and St Peters is one of the 55 churches in the Diocese of Edinburgh led by the current Bishop the Rt. Rev. John Armes.

The Scottish Episcopal Church is part of the worldwide Anglican communion. The first church building used by Episcopalians in Musselburgh is thought to have been on the corner of High Street and Newbigging around 1704. Some 80 years later, a chapel was built in Millhill, in use from 1785.

The current church, St Peters, was built between 1864 and 1866, and was consecrated by the then Bishop of Edinburgh on Sunday 15 December 1866 with Sir Archibald Hope in attendance. The Hope family who lived in Pinkie House provided the land and were generous in their support of the church.

In 1952, the church hall was built behind the church and includes the ground floor of no. 2 High Street, to which it is connected. Used by many church groups, it is also hired regularly by community groups from the town.

The church interior was refurbished in 2005-06, replacing pews with chairs, and improving the lighting and heating. This provides a much more welcoming and flexible space. Whilst the buildings may be ‘the church’ to many people, it is actually the Christian community, the people who worship together in these buildings, who are the ‘living’ church.

Over the 300 years since the birth of the Scottish Episcopal Church in Musselburgh, it is the people who have been the key factor, Christian people who have believed in God, who have learned together about Him and from Him. And continue to do so today.