Missional Church

What is the mission of a church? In other words, what does a church exist to do?

To give glory to God. To please God. To serve God. (Because he has given us everything)

But how exactly do we give to, please and serve God? By being passionate. Passionate about who he is in his truth, the Bible. Passionate about nuturing each other. Passionate about being those who look out for those who don't have this passion, this life.

If we can attempt to live our lives in obedience to God, for as much of each day as we can, then maybe we might try to obey his commandments and commission; to love God...love each other (and everyone else on earth) and make disciples of everyone everywhere.

We're going to need a ton of passion to do all that! What do you think of the image above and it's message?

See Small Groups page.

Andy Reid, 13/11/2016